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Haunted Trail

Tribute Site

Dedicated to the good ole' days

There's no secret why Cedar Rock Haunted Trail is one of the scariest destinations in Indiana. The people that live in 

that area know of the lady in blue that walks the lower part of the trail. The trail originally was an old wagon road that 

led to the old cemetery just north of the trail. Paranormal scientists have found many hot and cold spots in the area of 

the trail and all that have visited have concluded that "activity not of this world are present but seem harmless". 

Orbs are seen all the time by people visiting the trail. Many people visit the trail just to spot an Orb. Legend has it 

around 1932 a woman was home waiting for her husband to return from work. He had been gone for several months 

working on the railroad and she was eager for his return. A terrible accident while she was canning ended in her death a 

couple weeks before she was able to see her husband again. On her husbands way home he would cut through the 

cemetery and walk the old wagon road home. This time on the old wagon road on the lower part of the trail he met a 

woman dressed in a blue gown, she walked near him and in a soft voice was trying to tell him that she loved him and she 

missed him. He told the woman to leave him alone and get away. Upon arriving at his home he was met by several 

neighbors who told him what had happened to his wife. When they told him she was buried in a blue gown he broke down 

and cried. He then knew the woman on the trail was his wife and he pushed her away. After a year of guilt and anguish he 

hung himself in the oak tree at the start of the trail. Several people have heard the cries of a woman, and they have also 

heard the moans of a man. Some say he is calling her name. Miranda,  so when your walking the trail, try not to call out 

for Miranda, you might get an answer.

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